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Nur76 does not work, or does it?

Does Nur76 really work?! Why do some people say Nur76 does not work and some say it does? Why is there a difference of opinion?

During our research, we found that the main reason some customers felt that Nur76 does not work was simply down to not applying the product regularly as instructed.  Nur76 instructs that the cream must be applied daily.  Some customers expect to see miracle results within 2 days of using the product.  If they do not see any results within 2 days, they immediately feel like Nur76 does not work.  To be honest, if you are after miracle results after just a few days, then Nur76 Skin Lightening is the wrong product for you! Nur76 Skin Lightening works by gradually lightening the skin over a period of weeks.  It works by inhibiting the melanin that is produced which causes the skin to go darker or blemish.  The process is 100% safe and natural.  The whole process could be sped up by adding dangerous chemicals in  the products, but this would not be safe and something Nur76 would never consider doing.  There are some products on the market that will give you fast results which are temporary, but these products contain dangerous chemicals which are very harsh on the skin.  One of the most common ingredients used in them kind of products is hydroquinone.  Hydroquinone is a very dangerous chemical and can cause permanent damage. 

The key to using Nur76 and getting successful results like you desire is patience and regular appliance.  Once you have obtained your desired skin tone, you can stop using the product and no longer require it.  Your skin will still tan as natural when exposed to long periods of sunlight.  To prevent your skin from darkening in the sun, you can continue to use the Nur76 Skin Lightening Protector.

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